Games Night Guru is actually two people and they’re not gurus. However Joe and Sam (UK-based board-game enthusiasts) realized that despite an abundance of brilliant, challenging, absorbing, and wildly varied games being in existence, many people still think of boardgames as Monopoly, Cluedo, or Risk. Games that often are subservient to chance, go on too long, or eliminate players way before the game ends.

And we wanted to share the existence of these newly designed and ground-breaking games with the wider world – the world of supposed non-gamers. Parents looking for something to play with their kids. Kids looking for something to play with their parents. A party looking for a party game, a computer gamer looking for a new and potentially more social experience.

So in 2014 we started cataloguing all the games we regularly played, and we also began playing more new games – new to us – with a view to expanding the GNG database – something we continue to do, despite the idea of listing every game being a near-impossible task. We don’t put a game on GNG unless we’ve actually played it ourselves at least once.

We’ve tried to reduce every entry to a digestible chunk to give an overview of the rules and a flavour of how the game plays. For those who are interested we’ve also added our own (highly subjective) opinions of them. Needless to say, don’t take our word as gospel. A game we sniff at you may love.

If exploring the site scratches an itch and you need more more more, then there is a fantastic online resource called boardgamegeek where you can find almost anything you can think of on any game – video reviews, rule queries, pictures, ratings, even an online marketplace. But if you’re just happy sloshing around in the shallows, we hope GNG serves as a helpful, jargon-free and intuitive guide to some of the great designs out there.