Worth It?

Many modern games come with what is, for most of us, a hefty price tag. £30 to £45 is not uncommon and some of the more epic games can be nearly double that. If you only anticipate playing the game once a year on Boxing Day, you might think twice about shelling out for something … Continued

Expanding Worlds

There’s a zillion games out there and many of them, if they gain any kind of traction in the market, release expansions that give the game more options, or flavour, or variation, or skew the game in some new direction. Farming game Agricola has too many to count, space adventure Eclipse has several, battling games … Continued

Orcs, Wizards, vowel-heavy beasts from alternate dimensions

The modern board game movement is heavy with fantasy-themed stuff, so we should probably explain why very little of it makes it into Games Night Guru. Firstly, GNG is tailored for people coming from a background of playing Monopoly, Risk, or maybe just cards. We’re hoping to attract more people – families and others – to … Continued

He said, she said

It’s impossible for Joe and I, no matter how much we try (and we do try, honestly) to be objective about the games on GNG. What we’ve tried to do is keep the write-ups generally positive (or at least neutral) whilst reserving our dislike or unabashed enthusiasm for the Joe Says/Sam Says sections. But we … Continued

Eleven Great Family Games

It’s very hard to put together a list of great family games… for a start, there are probably a good many family games we’ve not played. Then, we’ve played a lot of great family games. Then, how do you define great? Games come in different forms… and so do families, come to that. So here we’ve … Continued

You know, for kids

Before I launch into this spiel I just want to clarify a point about GNG’s search engine: we’ve rated games as suitable for 4+ 6+ 8+ 10+ 12+ and 14+. The critical thing to remember here is that + symbol. If you’re searching for a game to play with your 4-year-old, you don’t want the convoluted … Continued

Old School – New School!

Here at GNG, we’re not overly keen on the big three traditional family board games: Monopoly, Cluedo and Risk. It’s a curious thing – the memory of playing board games as a kid can be a big part of what appeals when you pick them up as an adult, and yet most memories of playing Monopoly, … Continued

First Play Bump

The paradox of boardgames is that the first play of them is inevitably never the most complete experience of it – certainly that’s the case with the more complex games, the three and four star complexity ratings on GNG. There’s a sense of getting your head around both the rules themselves, and how best to … Continued