Dicht Dran

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In Dicht Dran everyone is trying to be first to get rid of their cards – but also, score the most points!

The cards are numbered 1-100 and the numbers 2-99 are shuffled, with eight dealt to each player. The 1 and 100 card both start on table with two random cards dealt either side of them, forming a kind of circle. At the start of the game the card clockwise from the 1 is the target card, and the two cards either side of it (the 1 and the second random card) form the safe zone.

Everyone plays a card face-down and all reveal at the same time. The player who played the card closest – numerically speaking – to the target card wins it – they take that card and turn it face-down in their score pile, replacing it with the card they played – and each chilli on the card will get them a point at game end. Anyone who played a card in the safe zone (e.g., if the cards either side of the target were 29 and 62, then any number from 30-61 is safe) get to discard them. But if your card was neither the closest to the target, nor in the safe zone, you discard the card but pick up as many cards as there are chilli beans on it!

Play continues until one player has run out of cards, then everyone adds up the points in their score pile and minuses the points in their hand – most points wins!

The game rules suggest playing through this cycle twice represent a whole game, but we’ve enjoyed it just with the single cycle.



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Sam Says...

It’s not the catchiest title in the card game stable, but we really like this. At first sight it seems purely arbitrary, but then you see you do have an element of control – you can see what cards are coming up later, so you can take a hit now (pick up a card) in order to be in a good position further down the line. It has a similar feel to GNG favorite 6Nimmt in that both cultivate cries of despair and joy in (almost) equal measure.

Joe Says...

Yep, very similar niche to 6 Nimmt, possibly very slightly easier to grasp after a single play. A neat little card game.

Take That

Very little. Nobody can be targeted by anything except circumstance.

Fidget Factor

Almost non-existent.

Brain Burn

You want to either get the target card or be in the safe zone. Sometimes you won't be able to do either though...

Again again

Cards are dealt randomly, so there's a little variation there. But it's not a game that varies massively in experience,

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Play Time: mins