Dobble (also known as Spot It)

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Play Time: mins
Complexity: 1

Dobble is a fast-moving – a very fast moving – card game where players are trying to grab the most cards out of a circular 55-card deck.

Players are dealt a card each, and the rest of the deck is placed face-up in the centre of the table. The cards show a selection of symbols such as a tree, a spiderweb, and so on. Any two cards will always have one symbol in common; although they may be different sizes in different cards. Your job as a player is to spot the symbol your card has in common with the visible central card (i.e. on top of the deck) before anyone else spots their common symbol. First to spot calls out the symbol, and grabs the card for themselves, putting it face-up on top of their own card. In doing so they reveal the next card in the deck, and the process repeats and repeats until the deck is exhausted, at which point players compare their hands and the player with most cards wins!

If you like your games fast, loose, and a little bit crazy, Dobble is ideal.

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Sam Says...

I’m terrible at it, but this is a lot of fun.

Take That

There is no room to feel victimised in Dobble, but players who don't thrive under pressure might find it a little stressful.

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Quick, easy to learn and silly!

Learning Time: mins

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