Fuji Flush

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Play Time: mins
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In  the players are trying to be first to get rid of their cards – in a combination of individual and team play.

The game is a simple deck of cards numbered from 2 to 20. However, there are many of the lower numbers, and fewer of the higher numbers, with only one card for numbers 16 to 20.

The deck is shuffled and players are dealt six cards. On your turn, you simply play a card to the table: it can be lower than any previously played card, or the same value, or higher. If it’s lower, your turn is now over. If it’s higher, anyone who played a lower value card discards it and must take a replacement card from the deck into their hand. But if it’s the same value as a previously played card, these two (or more) cards now combine to make the sum of their parts, bumping all lower-value cards from the table and forcing those players to take replacements. So, for instance, the starting player might play a seven, and the next four players all play a 2: their combined value is 8, so the seven gets dumped and that player has to add a new card to their hand. Even the highest-value 20 card can be bumped this way, either with several lower-value cards or a couple of any card worth more than ten.

If, when your turn comes around again, your card hasn’t been bumped, you can dump it without having to take a replacement (this is called pushing it through) and your hand size is now diminished: good for potentially winning the game, but obviously as your hand size gets smaller, you have less choice about what to play!

The game continues until one player pushes through their final card, at which point they win.

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Sam Says...

Love the graphic design and the ambience of maddening frustration/delighted relief. I also like the way players can collaborate despite the fact there can only be one winner – and the way one player can swing from last place to claiming a win. Not one for strategists, but fun.

Take That

Oh yeah. It can feel like every single turn someone is bumping your card.

Fidget Factor

Almost none.

Brain Burn

Low - all you're doing is choosing which card to play, though obviously you need to factor in what cards are out already, and who is closest to winning!

Again again

Fuji Flush is a bit one-note and your experiences of it aren't going to vary wildly. But it's fun and short.

Learning Time: mins

First Play Time: mins

Play Time: mins