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Complexity: 1

KLASK is a two-player dexterity game using magnetic pieces.

The board is a wooden ‘pitch’ raised on a pedestal, with a circular hole at either end (the goals) and three small white magnetic pegs that begin the game on their markers in the middle of the board. Each player has a playing piece that they control using a magnet underneath the playing area.

Play begins when a ball is thrown into the play area and each player tries to knock it into their opponent’s goal. There is a dividing wall underneath the playing surface meaning you can only move your playing piece on your own side of the pitch, but as well as trying to score in your opponent’s goal, and defending your own, there are a couple of other things you need to be aware of as well: firstly, if your playing piece ends up in your own goal: that’s a goal to your opponent. Secondly, if two of the magnetic pegs end up clinging to your playing piece, that’s a goal to your opponent too!

First to six goals wins.

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Sam Says...

A fun experience with a rather sweet story behind it, how a Scandinavian carpenter ended up coming up with the award-winning game and it changing his life. At time of writing it’s available reasonably cheaply as well (my favourite dexterity game is Crokinole, but it tends to be very expensive) and plays so quickly (usually under ten minutes) that it’s easy to have family and friends in a tournament.

Take That

It's a straightforward race, so the most you can lose by is six goals.

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Again again

KLASK always plays the same way - fast and frantic.

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Play Time: mins