Ligretto 2
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Ligretto is a fast-moving card game where you’re trying to be rid of your cards first. Each player is given a deck of cards (distinguishable by the back; the fronts will be the same) that are the numbers 1-10 in four suits. Ten cards are dealt to the player, of which three are turned face-up in front of you, then play commences: rapidly!

Anyone who’s played patience will recognise what follows. Players count off three cards from their remaining deck and flip the third over. If you have the lowest card of a suit visible, either from the flipped card or your three face-up, you can get rid of it by placing it in the centre of the table, on top of its predecessor (‘1’s can always be played, starting a new pile). If a ten is played, it’s placed face-down to signify that pile is ‘full’.

If and when you manage to get rid of one of your face-up trio, deal a new one in its place from your remaining seven. The first player to get shot of their ten ‘play’ cards – not the deck itself – is the winner. One set of Ligretto will play four, but there are several sets available with different coloured backs, so you can upgrade to playing with 8, or even 12!

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Sam Says...

My gaming preferences lean towards a slightly more sedate experience than this: Ligretto is a chaotic race where you need to keep looking everywhere – not only at the communal piles and your own cards, but what the other players have face-up and may be about to lay down. If you like your games to be fast, furious, and end with a collective exhalation of breath, this will probably tick your boxes!

Take That

You might be beaten to a particular pile by a player with the same card as you. But most of the 'Take That' is the stress of the sheer pace here.

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Again again

It's a virtually identical playing experience every time, but it's one of those games that if you like it, you'll probably like it a lot.

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