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In Linkee players – or teams – are trying to be the first to get enough cards in order to spell LINKEE and win.

The twist though, is rather than successfully answering the four quiz questions on each card, the goal is to work out what links the answers together – at which moment you shout out “Linkee!” and submit your theory to the question master. If you’re right, you get the card. And the cards all have letters on the back, so you are on your way to spelling the ultimate word.

The links can be thematic – cast members of a certain show, for instance – or a little more abstract, but they always involve a bit of lateral thinking, as rarely do the answers to the four questions relate directly to the link. It’ll be some other interpretation or use of the same word.

We don’t make a habit of including quiz games on GNG but Linkee is a fun filler that, if you ignore the game’s proposal of spelling Linkee and simply play first-to-five cards, can be played pretty fast, and has a nice element of interaction, as all teams/players contribute to the question-answering, before trying to work out the link individually.

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Sam Says...

Linkee is fast, fun and silly, but the idea that one player (or team) has to actually spell LINKEE means the game can potentially go on for long enough to lose its sheen. However a simple house-rule (suggested above) can negate that, and this is one of the few games ‘non-gaming’ friends actually request!

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Brain Burn

Some, though the links are for most people gettable. And although the game has a complexity rating of one, it does rely on some knowledge that young children simply won't have picked up yet.

Again again

Link comes with quite a few cards so there are games aplenty to be had.

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