Pharaoh’s Gulo Gulo

Pharaoh's Gulo Gulo
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Play Time: mins
Complexity: 1

The title sounds like mezze/kareoke night in ancient Egypt because Pharaoh’s Gulo Gulo is based on an older game with a similar name. But this one has pharaohs.

Or more specifically, mummies. A mummy. A mummy that wants to put a curse on you.

You the players are all traveling across the board, through the pyramid, and into the tomb itself, where the player who lifts the curse wins the game. Some mummy curses aren’t particularly child-friendly, but this one is suitable for almost any age: it takes the form of coloured balls in a little wooden bowl. On your turn you choose how far to move, and because each space on the journey has a coloured marker in it (assigned randomly) you have to take a ball of the matching colour out of the bowl, using just one hand.

But also nestling in the bowl is the Pharaoh’s Staff – a little wooden stick that, if it falls out or touches the table at all, means a landslide! You go back to the beginning (if you’ve made it to the pyramid, you only go back to the entrance).

Some spaces have scarab beetles on them, and if you land here successfully, you get to pick up a scarab. They’re good for two things – you need two of them to enter the tomb at the end of your journey, and one of them to ward off the mummy himself if you’re unlucky enough to share a space with him. Some markers in the pyramid will project the mummy out of the tomb towards you. Once a player has entered the tomb and successfully navigated the last two markers (i.e. removed matching balls from the bowl) – they win!

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Sam Says...

The worst that I can say about this game is the box is ludicrously large – you almost need someone to sell you a shelf along with it. Outside of that, it’s an exceedingly fun family game that actually gives younger players an advantage – little fingers will have a much easier job negotiating the mummy’s curse!

Take That

Plenty from the game, none from the other players.

Fidget Factor

Minimal. You're only waiting for everyone to take a very quick turn.

Brain Burn

Almost none. You might want consider risks of bumping into the mummy in your later movements, but compared to chess this is the beach.

Again again

Hugely simple, the board doesn't have a great deal of variety other than the randomness of the coloured markers. But the game is all about that bowl of marbles...

Learning Time: mins

First Play Time: mins

Play Time: mins