Rhino Hero

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Play Time: mins
Complexity: 1

Rhino Hero is a balancing game, designed for younger players and not heavy on strategy, but pretty challenging for all ages.

Each player is dealt a hand of roof cards, a foundation card is laid, and players take turns jointly building a card tower in the middle of the table. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins – unless the tower topples beforehand. On a player’s turn they build one or two cardboard walls determined by the current roof tile, and then play a roof tile on top of the walls. Most roof tiles carry an extra symbol, which may allow the playing of a second roof tile, or forcing the next player to pick up an extra card, or reversing the direction of play etc. – but things really start to get wobbly when someone plays a Rhino Hero card. This requires the next player to build walls as usual, but also to place the little wooden Rhino Hero figure on the card, before playing a roof tile. So during the game, Rhino Hero moves up the card tower. He’s only little, but the higher he climbs the more he contributes to the swaying of the tower, and a seriously steady hand is required to avoid calamity.

Rhino Hero is classic Haba – the publisher excels at children’s games that most adults will find irresistibly charming too, and Rhino Hero is no exception.


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Sam Says...

So simple. Rhino Hero marries a silly theme with a game for any ages, and does so successfully.

Joe Says...

This is simple and silly addictive fun, no matter how young or old you are.

Take That

You can play cards to force a player to miss a turn or take an extra card. But it's so silly it would be hard to bear a grudge.

Fidget Factor

No particular hanging around waiting for your turn, but a very steady hand is required as the tower grows, so patience is rewarded.

Brain Burn

Very simple gameplay.

Again again

It will take a fair few games to win without toppling the tower, and as your skill in placing walls and roofs increases, the tower will grow to thrilling heights.

Learning Time: mins

First Play Time: mins

Play Time: mins