Super Vampires

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Super Vampires is a dexterity game with the added pressure of time closing out on you – as a super-vampire, you want to collect as much garlic as you can – maybe to help out the non-super vampires – but you only have limited time before the sun comes up…

The game comes with four collapsible towers that double as supports for each corner of the playing area – a grid (the game comes with two) that sits in an elevated position, showing a number of garlic cloves on it – and starting positions for up to four players. When your turn begins you must put on the ‘vampire finger’ and push your vampire disc along the grid without falling off. You roll a clove die and that tells you which clove you have to go collect. When you get to it (assuming you haven’t fallen off, in which case go back to your tower) you take a garlic clove from the supply and put it on top of your disc.

Then you have a choice – to take the clove back to your tower with the same don’t-drop-it pressure, making it safe, or to roll the clove die again and try to collect more garlic. The reason time is tight is whilst you’re looking as faintly idiotic as you ever have, pushing a wooden vampire disc with a plastic finger, the other players will be rolling the sun dice: six six-sided dice that have five blank sides and one that shows a sun. The dice only get rolled one at a time, but they get rolled repeatedly until all six are showing the sun side: at which point they shout “sunrise!” – the sun has risen and your turn is over.

So you are balancing the risk and reward of collecting more cloves or keeping what you have (you can return to your tower and they go out clove-collecting again, but this does waste precious time of course)

Play continues until all cloves have been collected – or everyone has had a certain amount of turns if you prefer – at which point the player who has collected most cloves wins.

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Sam Says...

Well, I think this is a lot of fun. It’s terribly luck-dependent as even the most dextrous vampire might only have a few seconds before a bunch of sun dice are rolled, but really – winning this game really isn’t the point of it. Not really a two-player game, but fun with 3 or 4.

Take That

None from the other players, but plenty from fate.

Fidget Factor

None. All players are involved, as even if it's not your turn you're either rolling the sun dice or enjoying the tension/silliness.

Brain Burn


Again again

The game isn't one with any variety, but plays fast and always has that tension.

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Play Time: mins