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Tenzi is a simple game of rolling dice, where each player races to be the first to roll ten of a kind.

If that sounds a bit too simple, there are variations such as Stackzi (stack each die) Splitzi (roll 2x 5 of a kind) or Stealzi (steal dice from opponents)

First to complete their goal shouts out Tenzi

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Sam Says...

In some skewed way, I kind of admire the fact Tenzi has managed to establish itself as a product when it’s more a pack of dice than a game. Rolling all the same number was a tired concept decades ago, but the packaging (a pack of dice) and one imagines careful placement by the tills of bookshops etc has somehow sustained it. As a game, the fun is in the race, and that kinda wears off quickly. And there are games out there that have the fun of the race that are to my mind a hundred times better than this – the co-operative high-pressure FUSE, the ghost-is-after-you Midnight Party, the try-to-play-silently Magic Maze, the stop-the-invasion Flipships. At the risk of sounding po-faced, I find it almost tragic that there are people who might be playing Tenzi instead, which is like a slightly bendy custard cream when there is a box of assorted biscuits elsewhere.

Take That

It depends which variation you play, but aside from Stealzi it's all pretty minimal.

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Do you love rolling dice? Do you love rolling dice over and over with no demand whatsoever on your brain? If so, you might like playing Tenzi. Once in a while.

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