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Play Time: mins
Complexity: 2

Thunderbirds is a co-operative game based on the classic television series. The players take on the role of the Tracy family and try to stop bad guy The Hood from causing a disaster. Fortunately The Hood’s security ring isn’t great, so players often know what he’s planning – but stopping him is another matter.

The board is a map of the world and on it players occupy the eponymous Thunderbirds. On your turn you move around the board, attempt rescues, and seek assistance from the FAB cards. Doing so however, costs you time, during which The Hood moves along his track of schemes, towards an apocalyptic end.

Your goal is to defeat the Hood by foiling three of his schemes. These you get less warning about than the easier-to-manage disasters, and can prove tricky. And while the disasters at the other end of the board are easier to manage in isolation, the fact a new one comes out at the end of each players’ turn means the game is one of a constant firefight, gathering what you need in the places you need in order to save the world – again.

Thunderbirds is a relatively simple game with a fair bit of chance but also a fair dollop of tactics. It offers players the chance to work together whilst retaining some independence, so is a good one for families.

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Sam Says...

A fun romp for those who like playing co-operatively. It feels less tense than Pandemic, where you are fighting the outbreaks of disease worldwide – but maybe that’s a good thing.

Take That

None from the other players. A lot from the game itself.

Fidget Factor

Low - you're working as a team so the idea that you sit back and wait for your turn doesn't really apply.

Brain Burn

Low to moderate. How to get everything you need and maximise your chances of a successful rescue? There can be a bit of juggling. But you're all in it together.

Again again

Huge amount of randomness and quick play-time.

Learning Time: mins

First Play Time: mins

Play Time: mins