World’s Fair 1893

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Complexity: 2

Chicago, 1893! The city is hosting the World’s Fair, and you the players are hoping to woo the crowd with your exhibits: everything from bicycles to viking ships.

The fair itself is set up centrally on a table; consisting of a ferris wheel and five exhibit areas around it. Players add some cubes (supporters) of their own colour to each area, and two cards are dealt next to them. Depending on the starting order, each player will add one or two extra supporters before the game begins.

On your turn you simply add a supporter to one of the areas, and pick up the cards assigned next to it. Then cards are replenished: one to the area you’ve just emptied, and one more to each area moving clockwise around the board.

Despite the multitude of colours and pictures providing flavour, there are only three types of card: Midway tickets, which will get you coins – every time a ticket is taken the cabin on the ferris wheel car moves on one spot. Character cards, which will be played on your next turn – allowing you to add extra supporters – and Exhibition cards, which, if you have enough supporters, you can turn into points at the end of the round.

When the ferris wheel car completes a full revolution points are gained: everyone gets one coin per Midway ticket, and the player with the most gets a 2 coin bonus. Then you look at who has the most supporters in each area of the fair – majorities here not only get you points (4 for first, 2 for second) but they also mean you can submit your exhibits to the fair: turning your Exhibition cards into chits, that will score you points at the end of the game – a variety of types is better, as they are scored in sets.

After the third round there is a final scoring, then points are totaled up to decide the winner.

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Sam Says...

An easy-to-learn game that has more than enough depth to keep adults interested. The decision-making is usually pretty quick, but it’s not simplistic: when you take cards, more cards are coming out that will potentially help others, and you always need to bear in mind what your opponents are up to so you don’t end up with a bunch of exhibits that you can’t actually get into the show. Rather lovely.

Take That

There is certainly a Take That element, as players jostle for first and second place in the exhibition areas.

Fidget Factor


Brain Burn

Low-to-moderate. You usually have 5 choices: where to place your supporter! But there's a good deal of tactical play in the game.

Again again

Cards come out randomly and the game plays fast.

Learning Time: mins

First Play Time: mins

Play Time: mins