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Complexity: 2

In X-Wing players assume the part of the evil Empire from the world of Star Wars, or the rebelling good guys. It’s a straighforward game of combat where each side is trying to destroy the other, and there is a very simple game that can be learned in five minutes, and a more complex version that brings some subtlety to play. It takes place on a tabletop or area agreed by both sides. There is no board – just a set of spaceships and cardboard templates that allow a set number of moves for each ship.

At it’s simplest X-Wing consists of the following: each player plans their move. They reveal these at the same time and the craft move in a particular order. If one ship has another ‘in range’ then they can fire upon them and potentially inflict damage.

The game can then be added to with obstacles to avoid, missions, and special actions depending on which pilot is in the hot seat of a particular craft. Barrel rolls, avoidance tactics, missile locks and so on. Fans who find that X-Wing scratches their gaming itch can expand their troops by purchasing further ships and fighting bigger battles.

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Sam Says...

No matter how nuanced the rules, games of my-turn/your-turn combat aren’t my thing (especially two-player combat), and I dislike games that encourage you to keep buying more and more upgrades. I appreciate for others these are enjoyable pursuits, but if you’re new – or coming back – to boardgames this isn’t something I’d personally recommend – unless you’re a Star Wars nut, or you have a penchant for ever-expanding space battle.

Take That

X-Wing is all about combat, so younger or more sensitive pilots might suit another game.

Fidget Factor

Almost none. The game moves fast.

Brain Burn

Light. There is some strategy in piloting and special action decisions, but combat ulitmately is decided by dice rolls.

Again again

The appeal for X-wing enthusiasts is the Star Wars theme and the opportunity for expansion – adding more ships, and more pilots, to create potentially epic battles in space.

Learning Time: mins

First Play Time: mins

Play Time: mins