Games Night Guru is the work of two friends, Sam and Joe, who have a mutual passion for modern board and card games and wish to share it with the world. While there are many online resources for those already engrossed in this fast-growing hobby, the gurus felt that there wasn’t much to help new enthusiasts find their feet. This site is for those people, with a particular nod to family gamers. The useful nutshell guide covers four aspects of each game that may make it a must-have or a total no-no for the people you play with, be they friends or family, young or old.

  • Take That!

    Take That!

    How combative, confrontational and back-stabby a game is.

  • Fidget Factor!

    Fidget Factor!

    How long players have to wait between/during turns.

  • Brain Burn!

    Brain Burn!

    How mathy and/or complex a game is during play - how much information you’ll need to hold in your head while you play.

  • Again Again!

    Again Again!

    How interesting a game is going to be to return to multiple times, perhaps even in a single session.