Flick ’em Up!

Number of Players: ,,,,,,,,
Play Time: mins
Complexity: 2

In Flick ’em Up the players are cowboys, duking it out in a gunfight. Teams take turns to shoot at each other, and the last ‘man’ standing decides the winner.

The game comes with several cardboard building facades that are placed in holders and then arranged either as one the game scenarios suggests, or a layout of your own choosing. Cowboys are placed in the environment, and the game begins.

Teams (or single players, if there are only two of you) take turns to activate their cowboys. A cowboy has two choices – he can move, or shoot. If he moves, a disc momentarily replaces the cowboy: you flick the disc into the cowboy’s new position (the caveat being if you bump into anything, the move is void) and replace the disc with your cowboy.

If a cowboy shoots there are smaller discs to represent bullets: one is placed next to your cowboy and, taking careful aim, you flick it toward your intended victim. If they are knocked over, they take a wound: after a certain number of wounds, that cowboy expires and is out of the game.

That’s the essence of the game – there are other elements to give some variation in play though, such as duels (that take place inside buildings) dynamite that will immediately eliminate a cowboy, even additional weaponry, such as the more-accurate Winchester rifle that makes it easier to hit opponents.

After about half an hour of bloody violence, the game ends with one team wiped out, and the others pronounced winners.

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Sam Says...

It’s a fun little game that will tickle kids and adults alike, as long as the players are ok with being blasted to smithereens on a regular basis. To be picky, I’d say it feels slightly fiddly to play compared to the more straightforward flicking game Cube Quest, but on the other hand Flick ’em Up has more variety – you can run away, hide, go in buildings, throw dynamite… that said though, Cube Quest has bore repeated plays in our house whereas Flick ’em Up kinda had its moment in the sun, and went out the door. Not a major hit for us, then, but a potential winner for the right group.

Take That

Well, you are shooting each other.

Fidget Factor

The game moves quickly, and when it's not your turn you get the pleasure of seeing your guys shot.

Brain Burn


Again again

If you like the game, there's multiple ways to set up the scenarios and you can invent your own variations on the objectives.

Learning Time: mins

First Play Time: mins

Play Time: mins