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It seems unnecessary to provide a run-through of the rules of Monopoly, the game of property portfolios and going to prison; it is the single most widely played board game of the 20th century. And it has undeniably, in terms of strategic gameplay – even simple ‘fun’ – been superseded by a host of more modern equivalents. In a way, the purpose of this site is to help steer family gamers away from the turgid, endless dullness of Monopoly and towards more interesting fare. So its inclusion here is rather for the sake of completeness, and also to enable gamers who enjoy the concept of Monopoly to find games with a similar feel and theme; without the board-flipping unfairness and teeth-grinding tedium.

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Sam Says...

As a kid I loved the idea of sitting down to play a game, maybe because it didn’t happen that often. And maybe it didn’t happen that often because when it did Monopoly would get played.  It was devised to show the inherent unfairness of land monopolies, and as such it does a good job. Does it tick the boxes that define a good game though? Not for me. Choices are minimal (after the property is bought up, choices are practically non-existent) the game plays you (- roll the dice, see what happens) and players are knocked out well before the end ( – they’re not even playing any more!) It’s also long, and it’s clear who will win at least an hour before they finally bankrupt the last opponent.  Finally, it’s so gosh-darn duplicitous: for the first 20 minutes it actually seems fun. Then… well, they should have called it Monotony.

Joe Says...

Not if you paid me a big pink £500 note.

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